1. What if I face slow browsing problem.

Check the bandwidth utilization, latency, wireless strength and pinging the default gateway. If everything seems fine at your end, then you can contact our Technical Support to know the cause. It may be due to signal problem, excessive download from other device in your home, automatic update of windows and other software, Lastly it could be due to virus affected in your device.

  2. Is your Internet Speed shared with another Customer?

Subisu normally provides subscribed bandwidth to its user and is not shared. However if any user demand for shared bandwidth, it’ll be provided on demand and that is mentioned in contract as well.

3. Can I access my Email Accounts on other ISPs using cable connection? If yes, how?

Yes you can access email accounts you have on other ISPs. The SMTP server has to be set (for sending mails) to smtp.smartlinknetwork.com.np and pop3/imap server (to retrieve mails) must be set to the address of your mail account provider. Please follow these stepOpen Outlook Express

Click on Tools

Go to Accounts

Go to mail TAB

Click on Properties button


Your incoming mail will be same as that of the (account-provider). Change your outgoing mail to:
SMTP: smtp.smartlinknetwork.com.np
POP3/IMAP: Yours email service provider`s POP/IMAP server address (If you are not sure, confirm this with your email service provider).

4. I can’t remember my username and password. How do I get them?

Please Call Smart Support: Contact No:01 4770291, 980…….. or Email at support@smartlinknetwork.com.np for assistance.

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